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What is The International Tutors Association?

ITA is an exclusive community of tutors and teachers worldwide. We make job-hunting easy through the ITA job board, where you can browse hundreds of worldwide tutoring opportunities. ITA tutoring and teaching courses are all unique and have been created by professionals exclusively for ITA, which means you won’t find them anywhere else online.

What is TEFL?

At ITA, the 120 hour TEFL course is our most popular teaching course. TEFL means
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and it involves teaching English to those whose first language is not English. It is an amazing opportunity to live a unique time abroad while earning money at the same time. If you want a greater understanding of this course, read the TEFL experiences of our members Tiziana and Louise.

How can I be sure that the ITA courses will be recognised by any institution?

All ITA courses have been accredited by the Accrediting Council for Distance Learning (ACDL) and our eLearning platform is approved by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), which is an Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation. These worldwide recognitions recognised are a testament to the quality of training offered by International Tutors Association.

Can I teach English abroad without a degree?

The answer is yes. The demand for English tutors is so high in the industry that thousands of employers (schools, summer camps, kindergartens, parents, businesses) routinely hire tutors without a degree. However, you might need to prove that you have teaching experiences or hold a teaching certificate (Learn how to get certificated with ITA).

Can I work abroad without experience?

Yes, you can! Many people don’t have prior teaching experience and no degree in education when they start tutoring abroad, due to the high demand of English tutors. However, you might feel more confident if you have already been in front of a class. International Tutors Association and its partner Angloville have designed a FREE teaching scholarship that helps you to gain teaching live experience in Eastern Europe. This experience can increase your confidence and make your students feel more comfortable with you. Learn more about this Anglo-Tefl scholarship here:

Why should I teach overseas?

When you find a tutoring or teaching position abroad, you enjoy an attractive lifestyle and great opportunities to travel around the globe. You are going to discover diverse multicultural environments and experience teaching in a unique way. You will increase your professional network and become part of a team and broaden your knowledge and experience through adapting to life and work in a different community and culture.
If you want to learn how to secure a job overseas, click here:

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Our Accreditation

International Tutors Association is an accredited course provider, approved by the specialists in distance learning, ACDL. They provide quality and assurance checks to guarantee providers offer the very best standards in training. Read more

Our Of-qual Regulated Awarding Body

TQUK is one of the most dynamic UK Ofqual-regulated awarding organisations. Having their seal of approval means that INTERNATIONAL tUTORS aSSOCIATIONTA has met their highest training standards and assessment criteria. Read more

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“Becoming a member of International Tutors Association has helped me grow a lot as a tutor. I used to tutor privately while I was studying at university, but I never thought I would want to make a career out of it. As I enjoyed it, I decided to get certified and become a member of an internationally recognised organisation – so I wasn’t exactly going it alone. Since then, I got all the support and qualifications I needed to build my career and travel at the same time!”

– Josh, 24, Melbourne –

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“I’m a private tutor in my spare time and I’m glad I joined. For me, International Tutors Association means continuous support, whether it’s about finding a job or being able to stand from the crowd out in the highly competitive tutoring field. When I joined, I got a free tutoring course and I actually felt it wasn’t just a piece of paper I was getting, it was a whole package of tools and resources I could put into practice while teaching. I was already an experienced tutor with regular students but I still learned heaps of new ideas. Tutoring is how I earn my extra income and how I can afford to travel every summer.”

– Martha, 23, Leeds –

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“As soon as I joined International Tutors Association.I was able to get in contact with other tutors and teachers from all over the world. Some were much more experienced than me and I really benefited from their tips and having that network as well. I took the ITA TEFL course and after a Skype chat for advice, I found a teaching position on an ESL job website. I spent a fantastic year tutoring in China, thanks ITA!”

– Judith, 23, Dublin –