About us

The International


’ Association is the result of the creativity and experience of a young, passionate, multicultural and talented team.

Find out more about us and our international experience, and feel free to drop us an email if you want to get in touch!

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The International Tutors’ Association believes in:

Curiosity: constant learning, discovery and passion for travelling and going beyond one’s limits!

Courage in challenging yourself and always looking for the best way to share your knowledge with students from all different cultures and languages.

Commitment and professionalism to help students worldwide achieve great results.


The International Tutors’ Association brings together tutors and teachers worldwide to help them become better qualified and increase their chances of finding a teaching position anywhere in the world, while giving them access to an exclusive network of professionals.


The International Tutors’ Association will give rise to the biggest and most trusted tutoring community worldwide.

By providing all its members with the opportunity to access an international job board, together with high quality courses and valuable resources, ITA will become a landmark in the tutoring industry and will help thousands of tutors spread their knowledge while traveling the world.

All this combined together in a global community of students and tutors!