Advice on Securing your first TEFL Job Overseas

Advice on Securing your first TEFL Job Overseas

People consider TEFL for multiple reasons: as a gap year option before or after university, as a fun way of spending one summer abroad or every summer abroad, as a career break or even a career change.

Teaching English as a foreign language can open up a whole new world of employment and adventure, that is, if you can get a TEFL job. But don’t worry ITA are here to help so that finding a suitable TEFL job doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Step 1: Become a member of ITA

ITA offers TEFL courses to all of its members at relatively low prices. Why pay more elsewhere when you can pay less here? On top of that you can apply for as many TEFL jobs as you like on ITA’s website.

Step 2: Begin with a TEFL course.

ITA’S TEFL courses are designed to teach you everything you need know to help you feel confident and comfortable teaching English in front of a class full of students. Not only will you learn how to manage and use your time effectively but you will also learn how to cater your lessons to suit your student’s interests and capabilities. It wouldn’t be fair for you to feel unprepared in front of a class just as well as it wouldn’t be fair to subject your students to unprepared teaching.

Step 3: Think about what’s best for you!

Is it your first time away from home? Would you prefer the opportunity to travel, work and live with a friend, travel independently or live with a host family? Have you thought about what country you would most like to visit or how long you would like to stay? Have you considered working as a volunteer? Consider each of these elements before applying to a job in order to ensure you find a job that suits your needs and personality best.

Step 4: Do your homework

Read the job requirements. Some countries tend only to request TEFL teachers with TEFL teaching experience and university degrees.
However, do not let this be off-putting as various other TEFL jobs can often state that experience is not essential or that a an English language assistant can help you in the classroom if necessary.
Find out as much as you can about the employer and the position by accessing the employer’s website or getting in touch with other ITA tutors who may have visited the same place.

Step 5: Get out there and do it!

Be brave, be adventurous, travel the world, meet new faces, experience new cultures, teach your language and learn new ones and most importantly, enjoy every second doing it!