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– TEFL course –

“Getting TEFL qualified has allowed me to travel to South America and have the time of my life! It’s hard to find a job until you get here, so completing my course first gave what I needed to get hired. I‘ve met amazing people and discovered how inspiring it is to teach someone how to speak your own language!”

– Mark, 23, Manchester –


– TOEIC course –

“The TOEIC courses are well-structured and the online lessons are easy to follow. I am currently looking to teach students getting ready for the TOEIC test in Italy”

– Christopher, 26 years old, Newcastle –


– Teaching young learner course –

“I enrolled in the Teaching Young Learners course right after I started teaching English to a group of cool kids in Thailand! I already had my TESOL course but I don’t know if anything really prepares you for teaching youngsters. Maybe I panicked but I did this course and I didn’t think I could learn so much from just a 10 hour course. It’s definitely the best investment I have ever made. Definitely don’t go unprepared to a young learners class!”

– Jaclyn, 24, NY –


– IELTS course –

“The IELTS course was very clear and complete. I found a job in Brazil a few months after I got certified and I got very good feedback from my students who took the test. I’m proud to have helped them to achieve their highest potential in IELTS. I believe that teaching preparation for this test is a rewarding experience from a professional and personal viewpoint.”

– Patrizia, 23 years old, Berlin –


– Business english course –

“Each course you have a certain amount of time but I didn’t feel under pressure at all. You don’t need to kill yourself to get through some of the content which was good and I feel like I learned a lot. The qualifications will allow you to find work in many schools worldwide and if you haven’t taught before it is a small investment to find out if teaching English abroad is something you actually want to do. ”

– Ciara, 24 years old, Cork –


– Language tutoring course –

“I have been in situations where I wasn’t able to teach my own native language. It was really frustrating because I didn’t know how to explain grammar rules and I was running out of creativity to find activities and games. Thanks to the ITA Language Tutoring course, I gained plenty of ideas, tips and activities.”

– Eugenia, 25 years old, Valencia –


– General tutoring course –

Black star

“I always thought that being a part-time tutor while studying at college was a great opportunity for my CV and work experience. At the beginning, I didn’t know how to organise my class and I was feeling a bit stressed so a friend of mine encouraged me to take this course. The topics were really helpful, it broke all the steps of tutoring down into simple sections and now I’m feeling way more confident with my private students.”

– Alice, 21, Bruxelles –

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