International English
Language Testing system

Are you looking for new exciting professional opportunities in the education industry on an international scale? If your native language is English or if you are a confident fluent speaker, teaching preparation for the prestigious IELTS exam will open a world of job opportunities for you. This test in globally recognised and examines all the English language skills of students. If you are looking to teach exam preparation and want to be working with a good testing structure, using authentic material and real life experience examples, IELTS is the test you need to teach.



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Why should I be
a IELTS teacher ?

Regions and countries where you can travel with highest demand for IELTS teachers:

  • France

  • Spain

  • Philippines

  • Malaysia

  • Mexico

  • Russia

  • Ukraine

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is designed to assess the language ability of non-native speakers of English. Good IELTS scores are required from people who intend to study at an English-speaking university or find a job where English is required or for visa purposes. This test is widely accepted in places such as England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and is conducted mostly in British English.

The IELTS is administered by both the British Council, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and IDP Education Australia. The final test can be done in more than 900 centres worldwide.
Teaching IELTS preparation is an exciting job opportunity because the number of IELTS test takers increases every year and the test is internationally recognised. Also, you will have the chance to meet IELTS teachers from all around the world and create long-life memories with your students.

Gain complete knowledge of what teaching IELTS involves with this course and learn all of the techniques for teaching the different sections required in the test, such as vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking and writing. This course will also outline the different challenges you may face as an IELTS teacher and will guide you on how you can make your class as interactive and enjoyable as possible. Enrol on the Teaching IELTS course today bigger and centered in the middle.

Course details

Benefits of the course

  • 30 hour online teaching course

  • Full price: $99.00
    ITA tutors price: $59.40 (40% OFF)

  • 7 modules

  • Assessment at the end of 7 modules (pass mark is 80% or above)

  • Downloadable PDF IELTS certificate awarded on successful completion

  • Fully accredited course by ACDL

  • Continuous assistance from ITA course manager

  • 24/7 course access from any device, any place

  • Opportunity to apply for IELTS teaching jobs worldwide (If ITA tutor)

  • 14 days money back guarantee

Our accreditation


ITA is an accredited course provider, approved by the specialists in distance learning, ACDL. They provide quality and assurance checks to guarantee providers offer the very best standards in training. Read more

Outline of course modules

Module 1

This module will introduce you to IELTS and explain why it is popular globally. It’s important to know what English language skills IELTS tests, and to familiarise yourself with the test’s format and structure. Millions of students choose to take this test, you will also discover some of their reasons in order to guide them in the best way possible.

Module 2

This module will help you gain a deep understanding of what the IELTS listening test consists of and will teach you the different types of questions that your students will encounter. It provides some essential strategies and tips so that you can help your students to succeed.

Module 3

In this module you will learn what the IELTS reading test is designed for and the main difference between the Academic Reading Test and General Training Reading Test. The module will also show you how the questions of the test are structured and give you the tools to explain them to your student. Finally, you will learn how the reading skills are assessed.

Module 4

This module will address the IELTS writing test and how it is assessed. You will learn all of the topics and strategies to approach them, as well as familiarise yourself with reflecting tasks and grammar rules that you need to insure your students succeed. Remember that your goal is to give your students plenty of opportunities to practice to make them feel confident.

Module 5

This module has been designed to explain the format of the IELTS speaking section. You will learn what speaking skills are assessed and will get all of the necessary tips to prepare your students for speaking without fear!

Module 6

Vocabulary is not specifically tested in the IELTS exam. However, it is important for IELTS teachers to teach vocabulary because it is part of the ‘Lexical Resource’, which is one element of the assessment criteria for Speaking and Writing. Your students will need to understand and be able to use a large number of words to do well in all sections of the exam and this module will help you to reach these objectives.

Module 7

This module will help you to understand the potential challenging scenarios with teaching IELTS preparation. For example, you will learn how to teach mixed General Training and Academic Training classes and learn how to teach high or low high-level IELTS students. After completing this module, you will have some key ideas and solid strategies in place should challenging situations arise and know how to make IELTS preparation interesting.

What our ITA students say


– Patrizia, 23 years old, Berlin –

“The IELTS course was very clear and complete. I found a job in Brazil a few months after I got certified and I got very good feedback from my students who took the test. I’m proud to have helped them to achieve their highest potential in IELTS. I believe that teaching preparation for this test is a rewarding experience from a professional and personal viewpoint.”


– Sean, 27 years old, Limerick –

“For me, teaching IELTS preparation wasn’t just a certificate to add to my CV, it was a way of being able to work (in a rewarding way) while I was travelling and feeling I was helping people to achieve something important to them.”