Tutoring courses available

Qualify as a professional tutor and live an exciting life abroad, improving the academic results of your students

Homeschooling mother teaching kids private lessons in geography


ITA tutors: $53.40

General Tutoring

Thanks to the ITA General Tutoring Course you will gain a valuable insight into what being a tutor involves!

You will have access to the best strategies and techniques to help students of all ages and backgrounds improve their academic results.

By taking this internationally recognised course you will become a qualified tutor and you’ll be ready to start your tutoring experience anywhere in the world

Language Tutoring

Make the most of your knowledge of foreign languages and become a language tutor!

By taking this 10 module course, you will learn how to help students worldwide improve their language skills in the most quick and effective way.

Exclusive strategies and techniques based on an innovative and unusual approach to language teaching will be unveiled in this internationally recognised course.


ITA tutors: $53.40

Class Teacher