Should I become a TEFL teacher?

Should I become a TEFL teacher?

Should you become a TEFL teacher? Teaching English abroad is a wonderful opportunity that allows you to travel the world, find lifetime friends, learn a new language and create unforgettable memories with unforgettable people in unforgettable places. I think the better question is why shouldn’t you become a TEFL teacher?

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If you are hesitant about pursuing a TEFL adventure, fear not as ITA has the perfect platform to get you started! The ITA TEFL courses are designed to equip you with everything you need to know in order for you to be able to successfully embark on your TEFL career.

Travelling alone to a new country with a new language can seem like a daunting experience but trust me when I say that the fruits of that journey will last a lifetime. In my opinion the best way to calm your nerves is by speaking to someone who has already had the experience of travelling solo. ITA offers you the chance to communicate with experienced TEFL teachers that can offer you advice and support on teaching English, travelling alone and provide you with invaluable information on specific locations and schools that they have already visited.

If you are still feeling travel wary then another solution could be traveling with a friend.

If you view the ITA’s job board carefully you will notice that many schools need more than one teacher. This means that you and a friend could embark on a new and exciting adventure together.

‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’

I truly believe that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Traveling overseas and exploring new destinations has changed my life completely and it could change yours too.

“My TEFL adventure helped me to evolve from the shy 18 year old who was afraid to board a plane alone to an outgoing Irish girl who spoke German on the street to strangers.”

Shy would have been a suitable adjective used to describe me before I set out on my first TEFL journey three years ago.  I had lived away from home before but I had never travelled alone or moved to another country alone. I’ll never forget my butterfly belly as I boarded the flight at Dublin airport and my sweaty palms as I reached Cologne airport to meet my German host family who were awaiting my arrival. Little did I know that these five strangers would come to mean so much to me and we would develop a relationship similar to that of a ‘real’ family.

I also formed a very close relationship with my colleagues and students and when the time came for me to return to Ireland and leave them behind me, I was devastated. But we kept our promise and are still in contact and visit each other on a regular basis.

Not only did my TEFL experience help me to expand my circle of friends, it also helped me to expand my knowledge of the German language and culture. My TEFL adventure helped me to evolve from the shy 18 year old who was afraid to board a plane alone to an outgoing Irish girl who spoke German on the street to strangers.

In addition to increasing my confidence and improving my language skills, my TEFL experience also helped me to improve many other important job skills. I learned how to work as part of a multicultural team, recognise different learning styles and design lesson plans that best suited my student’s interests and capabilities. I also learned how to cope under pressure and how to act on my own initiative.

As a TEFL teacher and language enthusiast I can honestly say that there is no better way to see the world, fund your travels and learn a new language than embarking on a TEFL adventure. I have never regretted my decision to undertake a TEFL course and I know none of my friends have either! I am far more confident, I no longer feel stressed traveling on my own, speaking in front of a crowd, or meeting new people and I can communicate in the German language. I have made some of my very best friends on TEFL adventures and I am always offered free accommodation in my new found friend’s houses.

IF you are someone who wants to travel the globe, take a gap year or try something completely new, then TEFL could be the job for you!

Meet new and interesting people, learn a new language or share your native language to help people have a better future and enrol yourself in one of ITA’s TEFL courses and begin your journey today!