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“Becoming a member of ITA has helped me grow a lot as a tutor. I used to tutor privately while I was studying at university, but I never thought I would want to make a career out of it. As I enjoyed it, I decided to get certified and become a member of an internationally recognised organisation – so I wasn’t exactly going it alone. Since then, I got all the support and qualifications I needed to build my career and travel at the same time!”

– Josh, 24, Melbourne –

“I’m a private tutor in my spare time and I’m glad I joined. For me, ITA means continuous support, whether it’s about finding a job or being able to stand from the crowd out in the highly competitive tutoring field. When I joined, I got a free tutoring course and I actually felt it wasn’t just a piece of paper I was getting, it was a whole package of tools and resources I could put into practice while teaching. I was already an experienced tutor with regular students but I still learned heaps of new ideas. Tutoring is how I earn my extra income and how I can afford to travel every summer.”

– Martha, 23, Leeds –

“As soon as I joined ITA I was able to get in contact with other tutors and teachers from all over the world. Some were much more experienced than me and I really benefited from their tips and having that network as well. I took the ITA TEFL course and after a Skype chat for advice, I found a teaching position on an ESL job website. I spent a fantastic year tutoring in China, thanks ITA!”

– Judith, 23, Dublin –

“Getting TEFL qualified has allowed me to travel to South America and have the time of my life! It’s hard to find a job until you get here, so completing my course first gave what I needed to get hired. I‘ve met amazing people and discovered how inspiring it is to teach someone how to speak your own language!”

– Mark, 23, Manchester –

“Becoming an ITA tutor made my experience in the tutoring field way easier. I got 40% off on many teaching and tutoring courses and gained access to the ITA job board which has new offers on a regular basis. I took a TEFL course that cost me only 149 euros and I found my current job in a kindergarten in Shenzhen, China. I highly recommend ITA, it has all one may need”

– Victoria, 23, London –

“For me, teaching IELTS preparation wasn’t just a certificate to add to my CV, it was a way of being able to work (in a rewarding way) while I was travelling and feeling I was helping people to achieve something important to them.”

– Teresa, 19, Limerick –

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